The Elemental Angels
The Elemental Angels is a collection that was born as NFT collectibles on WAX blockchain produced by The Elemental Angels Team, actually the team size has increased and we are developing a play to earn game based in the lore of The Elemental Angels, you can check more about the creator team in TEAM section in the website. In this collection you can see 6 Angels that can manipulate certain natural powers accompanied by a spicy lore, in the ANGELS section you can read more about each one of them.
The project covers the 2 aspects of the NFT world, it works as a collectible and as a game, in this way all the NFTs of this project can be used for both purposes, if you are a NFT collector, the angels are a good option since they have limited supply as well as a nice looking art, and if you want to play, you can also use them to play to earn.
Last modified 4mo ago
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